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WikiTechLibrary: STATE OF THE ART 24/7 Advanced Urgent Care Clinic Opens in Lahore

Cognitive Healthcare International has launched its 24/7 Advanced Urgent Care Clinic eClinic in Lahore.

eClinic includes advanced medical expertise, remote monitoring devices, and mobile applications along with artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve patient care. Better quality care, quicker access to health records, and bridging the access gap between doctors and patients can be experienced here.

The services at the e-clinic located at Raya Fairway Commercial, Phase 6 Lahore started at 11 am and were attended by renowned doctors, influential people as well as friends from Cognitive Healthcare International.

Faisal Nawaz, Founder, and CEO, of Cognitive Healthcare International, said, “We are very excited to launch a 24/7 urgent care clinic in Pakistan. It also improves patient care.”

He added that the eClinic aims to provide access to the highest quality care in an efficient and effective environment while ensuring the most beneficial treatment for patients in a fast, convenient and affordable manner.

When asked about the need to start a new clinic, Medical Director Dr Faisal Javed said that e-clinics can help in reducing the number of patients in hospitals and emergency rooms by providing an accessible option. “In e-Clinic you will get quality urgent care in a timely and affordable manner,” he said.

eClinic offers a range of services that give patients an advantage over other traditional clinics, including round-the-clock urgent care (walk-in or pre-booked), access to smart monitoring devices, a pool of GPs and specialists. The app includes teleconsultation, availability of a mini-lab for quick diagnosis and results, elderly and home care services and real-time data management.

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