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Free Medical Camp at Askari XI

On 21st January 2023, eClinic Advanced Urgent Care Center conducted a free Smart Medical Camp in Askari XI, Lahore. The camp aimed to provide comprehensive healthcare services to the community and demonstrate the latest advancements in medical technology. The camp was a huge success, and the members of Askari XI appreciated the effort made by eClinic to improve modern health technology accessibility.

One of the highlights of the medical camp was the use of remote patient monitoring devices. These devices allowed doctors to monitor the patients’ health in real-time, ensuring that they received the best possible care. The attendants appreciated the convenience and accessibility that the devices offered them.

These RPM devices are used by the medical team to offer health diagnostics & check-ups. The team of experienced doctors and healthcare professionals provided a range of services, including physical examinations, diagnostic tests, and consultations. The response from the community was overwhelming, the attendants expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to receive quality healthcare services.

The success of the medical camp highlights eClinic’s commitment to promoting healthy communities and improving access to healthcare for all. The use of remote patient monitoring devices is a clear example of the innovative solutions that eClinic offers to the healthcare industry. By leveraging technology, eClinic is making it easier and more convenient for people to access high-quality medical services. Learn more about our services & offerings, visit our website today.

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